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Wanted – K.I.T.T in Playmobil form, “Right away Michael”

  A more iconic ride is hard to find than K.I.T.T. (ok, ok the DeLorean is up there we know). This Playmobil version of the Hoff’s ride is feature laden and with a interior that’s high in detail. Touch the bonnet for original voice clips of K.I.T.T. and to operate …

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Playmobil are killing it in the Kidult aisle

After their A-Team, USS Enterprise and DB5 delivery in 2021 we thought the German outfit might hold fire for a few months this year before attacking our wallets once more, oh how very wrong we were. First up it is one of the most iconic cars of all time, top …

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Classic game titles from Shuffle celebrate the mullet era

  The Shuffle brand from the house of Cartamundi have created this line of iconic card games based on iconic films of yesteryear. They send us a bunch to celebrate their launch and packed the box with a random selection of items along with the game which did rather intrigue …

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