Knock your blocks off

It is an absolute classic, invented a few decades back as a post-pub party game and it’s not one of the most recognisable brands on the toy block – Jenga. they try new variants, none come close to the original (although the XL version is a fine bit of kit), we missed this one, blinded by the other many-thousand launches this one slipped our net and we’re here to rectify that.

Stack JENGA wooden blocks on the platform to build the tower then remove one block at a time while holding one of the platform handles. It takes a steady hand when removing the blocks and passing the platform to opponents be careful or the JENGA tower will come crashing down. Be the last player to successfully stack a block and pass the platform without causing the tower to crash. The platform has two handles and comes with a stabilizing stand. Enhance gameplay and try all 10 challenges included in the game guide, such as blind block, Chopstick challenge, and flamingo fumble

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