Best Technic yet?


The largest LEGO Technic set so far, a set we’ve hankered after since seeing it way back in January. This 3,900 plus piece set is based on what is the largest bit of engineering kit on the planet. The Bucket wheel excavator, a surface mining machine is a behemoth and can make dramatic changes to landscapes in a short space of time, digging holes the length of a football field, 25 metres deep in under a day. Crawling along a one KMH these super-size machines can measure up to 200 metres in length and 100 metres high which dwarfs even the kit NASA use to roll out rockets to the Launchpad. A mighty impressive bit of kit, not everyone’s cup-of-tea in the real world but you can’t bash the LEGO version. Motorised tracks, conveyor belts, a scale size dump truck and loads of detail that’ll have this vying for shelf space in your abode. This 2in1 set rebuilds into a aggregate processing plant and will set you back £169.97 HERE



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