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Originating in Victorian England, the game of Table Tennis has also been known as Whiff-Whaff as well of course as Ping-Pong. Created by British officers in India with rudimentary sets being brought back to Blighty these were turned into a commercial enterprise by both Jaques and Parker and the game has seen a resurgence in popularity among the masses of late. You can find a table tennis table in loads of open spaces, a decent watering hole by the names of B0unce with loads of tables and tournaments and a notable restaurant group called, PingPongDimSum – with not a paddle or lightweight sphere to be found but decent Dim Sum. Always a joy to watch on the box the Olympians have lightning reactions and deliver some pretty impressive performances, so, to begin your road to Tokyo 2020 pack away one of these portable sets from SuckUK, comprising three sketch book for “work” purposes each bat book is coated with playing surface and the third is a  regulation height net (£12.00)


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