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Watch Your wallets! Nifflers set loose in London.

To celebrate the launch of the latest film in the Fantastic Beasts series, The Crimes of Grindelwald, LEGO Group have created seven naughty Nifflers and set them loose around the UK! Each of the cute, magical rascals are made from 11,000 bricks and weigh 30KG! As we all know, Nifflers are native to the UK and are often seen pinching shiny do-dads like money and jewels! Luckily these Nifflers are rather larger than their on screen counterparts at 75cm tall. That along with being made from plastic bricks probably means our wallets and purses are safe… for now! You can find them right now at LEGO’s London HQ in Leicester Square,  check out how they got there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-Ydo08V69E

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This actor & presenter is a proud Midlands lad who fled to London over a decade ago. Having grown up on a healthy diet of Power Rangers, Transformers and Thundercats, Rob is a sucker for anything that goes 'pow!' And 'Zap!' A film producer and radio savvy man this Toyminator really knows his R/C's from his elbow.

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