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We first laid eyes on the new Lite Brix range way back at the beginning of 2013 and at the time, under the big lights of the trade show we were attending, paid them little attention. We’re now much more excited about their arrival after some hands-on build time and, more importantly, the chance to spend time with the lights switched off. The impact of all the LED’s built into the Brix on our Fire Station build can’t be underestimated, it turned the room into a kaleidoscope of colours and had us feeling we needed to crank up some 80’s rave tunage to get an even fuller effect. There are four colour’s of LED’s that come to life in the Lite Brix and the other pieces in the kit are also lit up for a very decent show. It’s what Fire Stations in downtown Tokyo should look like. The range includes all manner of other sets from racing cars to fighter jets, bakery and fashion kiosks to a catwalk runway. Take a look at the entire range HERE

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