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Music is on the menu at the new LEGO Creator set

Lego diner
Lego diner

Here’s our first peek at The Downtown Diner (aka Central café if it makes you Brits feels better) is a LEGO Retail exclusive and an early 2018 addition to the Creator Expert Modular Building series. This classic 1950’s style diner design has a pink and teal brick façade, this teal brick is the first ever endeavour into this hue from the Danish brick builder. With over 2400 pieces this three floor eatery based set has a fully equipped gym on the 2nd floor and up at the top a feature filled recording studio. Complete with six minifigures (Chef, Rockstar and a female bodybuilder included) your final build stands 34cm high


Lego Diner
Lego Diner


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