LEGO EV3 has landed




We’ve bought ours now so not concerned about them selling out and so, can now tell you all about how today might just be the best day of our year. It’s a fair while since we first set eyes on EV3 back in Vegas, and this feature packed five-in-one-robotics pack is certainly one of the most advanced toys ever seen. You get to create, then, using Android or iOS, command your various builds which are all very different using varying combinations of the touch and colour sensors (recognising several colours and reacting to each differently) and an infra-red sensor – Make them walk, talk, attack, think, wiggle, slither, drive, just about anything. So, in no particular order may we introduce SPIK3R, EV3RSTORM and GRIPP3R, TRACK3R and R3PTAR (the latter two feature in the video) with 12 other builds from your 601 pieces being made available through the EV3 site  which have been devised by LEGO hackers. This £300 piece of kit is overall about right for all the tech and variants you’re getting, we’re big fans and think it’ll appeal to parent/kid cooperative kit to play about with, the huge upside (or downer) with the EV3 is that you’ll want to play with every model as they each offer something unique (ice-cube smashing hammer arm, ball-popping attack mode, non-venomous snake attack) so you’ll be building/re-building plenty….

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