Have a blast with the new NERF mascot

Here is Murph, the Nerf brand’s first official mascot. As you can see, he is Nerf darts from head-to-toe. Murph is part of a big brand campaign for the summer and the character at the centre of the push for the new brand statement – Unleash the Play in You.

Mascot Murph will be across social channels and appear in retail outlets and them/they aim is to get fans and families to step away from their screens and get up and active with Nerf.

Reactions to Murph have been strong, with people across the internet describing them as nightmarish, terrifying and downright creepy. Whilst some may see a resemblance to Pinhead we’re very much veering toward more that of a Snuffleupagus/ Banana Splits style character.

Described as a ‘natural athlete’, Murph is great at Nerfoop and an expert at surprise Nerf Super Soaker ambushes. They can also toss a Nerf Vortex Football like no other and are a fantastic trick shooter with any Nerf blaster.

Murph also has their own Twitter account. Yesterday’s first ever post garnered some 33k likes and plenty of interaction, while they have so far racked up over 13k followers.

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