Customisable LEGO table football arrives

The LEGO Ideas Table Football set is up on pre-order and the 2,339 piece set was designed by 16 year-old Hungarian fan Donát Fehérvári.

Like many recent larger Lego sets, it’s pretty pricy, the rather Premier League transfer fee will be £242, will the fact that it is designed to be portable help you get the deal done?

Each team is five-a-side and you can create them by choosing from 60 different elements before kick-off. In total there are 22 different minifigures to be built that can play or watch with a range of hairstyles, facial expressions and skin tones. The launch video (below) has legends Thierry Henry and Manchester United and England star Marcus Rashford having a brick based kickabout, quite competitively as you’d expect.

Lego designer Antica Bracanov was tasked with bringing the idea to fruition. She said that “Donat’s design champions the shared rollercoaster of emotions that fans experience when watching football games. At the Lego Group, we are incredibly proud to have brought this set to life, allowing fans to swap football boots for bricks, and be inspired take part in the game of play, for the love of play.”

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