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The Explorers created by Unicorn Games, part of The Electric Factory’s Incubator Rabbit, is a board game that combines both traditional and augmented reality dynamics. Being a bridge between digital and physical worlds.

Unicorn Games took what’s best about board games: sitting around the table, the fun of game time, taking turns, and strategy. We incorporated all of those things with a mobile application that uses video games and card scanning.

The Explorers line is made up of three games, two of them being traditional board games and one cooperative. Each game is played using an app that includes mini-game challenges, treasure hunts, and augmented reality objects.

These games are intergenerational, allowing children and adults to find a place to enjoy playtime together. Explorers gives manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to stand out and satisfy parents’ expectations (tangible toys, group games) as well as children’s digital preferences. The Exploreres has sold more than 42,000 units across four Latin American countries, received three international awards and is looking to expand in North America and other markets.

“Tech Up was a great experience, to have our startup’s products selected in a such an exclusive media publishers and being highlighted at CES 19 was amazing. Let’s keep moving!” – Juan Ciapessoni , Co-founder at The Electric Factory Group

“We are happy to work with TechUp because they are a team of professionals and experts in the toy industry as well as of the new emerging and disruptive technologies. Together, we were able to learn fundamental aspects of both markets as well as to be in contact with the big players of the market.” – Pablo Battro, Co-founder of Unicorn Games.

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