A Titanic scan is underway

Using over 70,000 images which have given details from the liner such as shoes and champagne bottles research teams and divers are hoping to get more detail than ever before. Previously visibility has meant on scant information was given up by the rusted craft but, using this n ew scanning tech they’re getting a full-size three-dimensional scan of the shipwreck. It lies 3,800m (12,500ft) under the Atlantic 400 miles from south of Newfoundland, Canada. Experts will be able to see the ship unobscured by water, and hopes are that they’ll come up with an answer as to why it hit an iceberg. Full story HERE.

Here’s our pick of the best Titanic builds and board games we’ve found:

Ok, so biggest doesn’t always mean best but in this case the exception rules. This Titanic set of 9,090 pieces was almost £600 when launched (pun intended) but now yours for £289.99 from Amazon, we think the online retailer just hasn;t space to stock these at 1.35 metres long so get shot of them they must.

Working pistons in the engine room
Divides into three hull parts, the cross sections shows Grand staircase, smoking room, boiler room and more.


Titanic in a Bottle – £42.95, 1,000 pieces.
Larcele Titanic, 3,800 pieces small block build just over £50 – 60cm in length.
An odd 2 in 1 Titanic set, converts from Robot to Titanic without a rebuild

Vintage board game, £70 on eBay

SOS Titanic board game – £23.15 at Board-game.co.uk


Airfix version £69.95 HERE 1:400 scale


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