You’ve been PomPom Wow(ed)


Recently arriving on-shelf the new crafting craze, one which we think should rival Loombands is Pom Pom Wow. Anyone who remembers the painstaking process of creating these with wool and cardboard back in the day will marvel at the three steps it takes to unleash these minature wonders. Stick it on a surface, remove the plastic sleeve and it blooming well done. Stick them just about anywhere, create mosaics with all the seven different hues you can get, the results are effective, impressive, easy-on-the-eye and highly tactile. If you’re looking for inspiration to do some Pom Pom Wowing on a larger scale this is what the Pompettes were up to yesterday, took the team just six hours to complete. We think a nation of Pom Pommed cars would be a cheerier place. Starter kits are a Fiver over this way 


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Peter Jenkinson
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