Wizard of Oz – 80 years young

Wizard of Oz original poster – worth a few quid

So, my youngest daughter is heading toward double digits now but still the Wizard of Oz was watched by her a multitude of times when she was younger and I think the film is still a right of passage for pre-schoolers? Of course most of them get scared by the flying monkeys that the parents forgot all about , probably the prompt of many small peoples first bad dream. Today is the 80th anniversary of its premiere but the film never made any money until it was re-released by MGM in 1949 and we learned today that Toto earned more per week than the Munchkins and that when the Tin Man cried that was chocolate syrup pouring out of his eyes….Anyways, I think I mus have clocked up well over 50 viewings during my daughters younger years, I might not have sat through the entire film BUT I most certainly had one of the several ear-worms attacking my ears as they sat glued to the goggle box (apart fro when the monkeys appeared).

Wizard of Oz minifigure stand
Scarecrow – The collectable
Ugly doll Moxy plays Dorothy

Game of Life – Oz edition

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