We’re forever blowing bubbles (well we will be now)


Bubble blowing is brilliant, few pursuits involving such a simple collection of kit can be more satisfying. From having the kids run about chasing and popping them to simply blowing them for grown-up satisfaction, bubble blowing, as we’ve just alluded to is just quite brilliant. There are a couple of caveats to that though, sub-standard solution that claims to be able to hold a sphere – and doesn’t to those tiny hoop-in-the-lids bubble makers that get lost too easily in the bottle. There is a new bubble making gang in toy-town by the name of Dr Zigs, their equipment designed to create spectacular bubbles, almost showman like in stature and, whats more, they’ve created a formula thats quite unlike anything we’ve seen. Employing the services of scientists and using H20 from Snowdonia, the Dr Zigs bubble mixture is the best we’ve ever blown. there are starter kits for adults and kids with giant wands, “In a bubble” sets for creating human size stand-in creations and super-dooper party kits with enough accessories for you to create a decent show. We are blown away with the quality of kits and the resilience of their solution – enough said, buy some of their stuff HERE

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