Watch out Cozmo! A new Boxer has entered the ring with a harsh low-blow!

Christmas 2017 saw Anki’s Cozmo top most of the ‘must-buy’ lists. Their rambunctious robo-companion amazed reviewers and consumers alike with voice & face recognition being but a few of it’s amazing array of features. The only downside of the compact mechanoid was the price, an eye-watering £200, way above a lot of parent’s budgets. A year on and Spinmaster has joined the party with a dinky cuboid-cutie that brings just as much charm but at half the price!

Looking good in blue


Boxer is a highly interactive A.I companion that is ready to go straight out of the box. Interaction comes in the form of hand movements, read by Boxer’s Inferred sensors, and via the 10 ‘activity cards’ that are easily read by the clever little four-wheeled box!

Let Boxer scan a card to unlock new games!


This is a clear market grab by Spinmaster and one Anki should be very wary of. Having seen both in action I can say that the new bot gives Cozmo more than a run for its money; and at £80  Boxer has a lot more left in its wallet.


Boxer is available now!
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