I want to ride my…..

Vector illustration of gold ticket

Anything that can tap into retro memories of Willy Wonka, his chocolate factory and the Oompah Loompah tunes has got to be onto a winner, Strider have definitely tapped into it but we reckon they could have done something a bit more POW with all that cash they’ve generated. So they’re celebrating the sale of a whopping ONE MILLION (deserved of caps lock action) and to mark the impending occasion have secreted five tickets inside UK sold  12” Strider bike boxes. If you snag one you’ll gets refund on the bike and a VIP invitation to the UK Strider Balance Bike Race and fun day in Birmingham. What’s that lot worth, couple of hundred quid? We’re not saying they should’ve put a factory up for grabs and a gold plated bike would be a bit OTT for a five year old – We do like a holiday to Disneyland though, Alton Towers for a long weekend perhaps – Just saying.

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