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Want BIG bubbles? Call the Incredibubbles

Gazillion Incredibubbles
Gazillion Incredibubbles

It is one of those very satisfying things – blowing bubbles. Hugely entertaining if you have a canine who likes to chase them, toddlers who like to do the same or just to sit in solitude, a gentle breeze and a vista of note and watch those solution based spheres float away. For something more interactive, you’re looking at BIG bubbles, you can try and craft a device and mix your own solution to dip your carefully created coathanger hoop but it’ll be pretty average compared to this, the Gazillion Incredibubble Wand. Complete with 16oz of solution, dip in the wand, give it a wiggle, remove and marvel as human sized bubble tunnels appear, whip out a tad quicker and sizeable bubbles are produced causing anyone nearby to ooh and ahh much like they might at a fireworks display. This is a piece of kit that you can now buy for just under a FIVER at Argos, go quick, they certainly will, this thing is brill.



They’re called Incredibubbles and can create exactly that – the Cuprinol of the bubble world.

Action shots you say? You wanna see action shots…

Incredibubble in action
Incredibubble in action
Flying high
Flying high(ish)
Bubble based fun
Bubble based fun

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