Vegas Baby – CES tech show didn’t disappoint.

Plenty of new TV sets, Honda announcing they’re teaming up with Sony for their foray into the EV market, BMW showed off a concept car, beauty brands brought us self-applying make-up products and we saw a connected bird-house – CES in Vegas is massive, in terms of size and fun.

Couple of playthings caught our attention, we’re huge fans of Stern pinball machines, last few years they brought us a Beatles version, Iron Maiden kit and a Stranger Things machine. This time they’re touting their proprietary technology “Insider Connected System” enabling players to interact with the game and players across the globe, tracking progress, earn game specific achievements and participate in promotions and challenge quests.

The machine they’re showing it of with is an amazing cabinet with the 1962 Sean Connery 007 film Dr No at its core but with features from other films (as well as sounds and music) pulled in.


Dr. No, From Russia With Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967), and Diamonds Are Forever (1971).  You’ll tackle assignments, team up with allies, stop SPECTRE, gather Q gadgetry and even  tackling assignments, teaming up with key allies, and stopping SPECTRE’s villainous schemes eject pinballs from the Aston Martin DB5. 
Fresh from Wowwee

Meet Dog-E, your One-In-A-Million Robot Dog, coming fall 2023, from WowWee

This outfit broke out way back in the early 2000’s with the still superb Robosapien and are back in 2023 to claim, what we think, could well be a top five toy spot for the year with Dog-E.  Forget the Sony Aibo that tried too hard, this one is intuitive AND fun with its million plus possible combinations of colourful lights, sounds, and personality traits.

This app-connected robot dog has life-like movements, audio sensors to hear sounds, touch sensors on its head, nose and sides of its body, and a POV (persistence of vision) tail that displays icons and messages to communicate.

As soon as you turn on Dog-E, your all-white pup comes to life through the minting process, which reveals its unique colors and characteristics. The minting process can begin by petting its head, touching its nose, or playing with it, among a long list of other interactions.

Arcade1Up continue to expand their range

The rather sizeable Infinity gaming table from 2022 was a huge hit here at Toyology Towers but bulky it was. Now we’ve a smaller design that’s easier to plop down on the dining room table or sofa. It features the same library of 100 games and activities as the original Game Table, including titles like Pandemic, and Trivial Pursuit, but this time on an 18.5-inch touchscreen.


The group are also introducing the home version of Wheel of Fortune, aptly launched in the city of flashing lights, gambling and constant noise this machine will lure you in but no actual money can be lost. Based on the iconic game show, Wheel of Fortune, which Arcade1Up has now turned into a home version, play for kudos, world domination (in points) and buy one to claim bragging rights of having one in the corner of your play-space.

Toy Fair season is upon us soon, London kicks in at the end of Jan then off to Nuremberg first week of Feb – Busy times ahead, it’s like work only better.


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