Twisted Classic


Taking a new twist on the classic Noughts and Crosses game, which we will, for the purposes of continuity and adhering to D’Avekki Studios (the game design and production outfit) desire to base the new play on the Tic Tac Toe, somewhere in a parallel universe everyone calls it this. The game, Tic Tac THROW and has nothing to do with launching multi coloured sweets from their flip topped container, yes the ones that look like mini-minions with no legs, or any facial features in fact.This twisted classic, Tic Tac Throw, includes a selection of eight maps, each with different rules for different game play and now with added dice its a much more strategic style of game. So, as well as the classic 3×3 map there’s a domination map which challenges opponents to invade, occupy and eliminate fellow players. The Tactiles map uses tactical dice placement and scoring to win and single players can play on their own using the Haunted House solitaire map.

You can play it with up to four players and the kit comes in a storage tin for taking on your travels.

Yeah, why not indeed, £15 – This way please.TicTacThrow

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