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Twerk to work


Bang in time for Christmas the Sbyke (Ess-buyk) is an interesting evolution in the board based travel category, this one has you using rear steer and thus a sensation not dissimilar to skiing and snowboarding. Up front is the BMX bit, the handlebar/wheel combo means you can pull some serious air, creates extra stability and ultimately gets you some admiring glances of your hybrid ride. Made with a hardwood maple deck (space for side-by-side foot placement) and aircraft-grade aluminium, the Sbyke also has a hand-brake for extra control. The P20 (pictured) with 20 inch wheel is available HERE for a smudge under £150 and a P16, the smaller version for ages 4-7yrs at £100 is arriving early 2015. A most marvellous machine indeed, looks the works, ride is quite unique, lookie here>

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