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Toy Store Eeee


Not sure what to make of the new Toy Story 4 is heading our way, I though the emotional end to the third one put the franchise to bed nicely, still, am certain it’ll be a huge hit. Searching around today for our pick of the advent calendars (which we’ll show you later) we stumbled across this rather splendid set from Playmobil. This shrunken shop has a load of toys, stack the shelves yet further with Danish bricks and Haribo, this Playmobil toy shop is a great role play set, complete with two figures, checkout desk, toys and shelves to stack them and all for £12 HERE

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Toyologist Pete Jenkinson regularly writes about toys in national newspapers like The Sun and The Mail. This super-dad has an unmatched passion and dedication for trying and testing the latest, coolest and most interesting offerings from the world of toys.

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