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Ting-Ting – all-aboard the LEGO London bus

This image is copyright Anthony Upton 2017©.

Adding to the motoring inspired segment of the Creator expert line, possibly usurping the T1 VW Campervan from top spot is the iconic old-school London bus. Up front the signage indicates it’s final destination is Brickston, one of my shelves is the last stop that at least one of these builds will be making.
The 1,680 piece build is stacked with detail and brings loads of the charm from the now almost defunct Routemaster (you can still catch one on route 15 from Trafalgar Square over to Tower Hill).
It has an opening hood with engine, detailed driver’s cab with sliding door, a removable roof and upper deck for access to the interior with its worn look seating, hand pole, ticket-bin, forgotten brolly and even discarded chewing gum – and plenty more besides.
Measuring up at over 18cm high and 34cm long it is available exclusively in LEGO London outlets for £109.99

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