This Morning reveals its top toys for Christmas

THIS Morning has revealed its top 12 toys of Christmas with prices starting at £16. Bit disappointing there isn;t anything alternative sub-tenner but as the list is largely a compilation of all the already released retailers lists (which had nothing under £10) it isn’t a surprise. Anyways, we’re generally just pleased to see toys on the telly-box, good for the industry all round after a tough year in the business, and so, without further ado here are the ITV’s flagship show’s picks or under the tree :

 This Morning has revealed its top 12 toys for Christmas

Boppi, Pictionary Air, LEGO Hidden Sides, Scruff-a-Luvs, Coding Critters, Owleez, Fisher Price Sloth, Juno, Treasure X Tomb, Tonies and Star Wars Interactive D-O and an OSMO kit.

We’re still locked up in Toyology Towers deciding on our top picks for Xmas, should it be an essential eight, terrific twenty, or foam-at-the-mouth fourteen?

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