Things you love made micro – Moose Toys latest line

Moose toys have just released their range of Real little backpacks, a selection of creatively designed bags filled with mini collectibles, what’s not to love about it?

There’s been a definite trend toward shrunken collectables, the ZURU Mini-brands make great display pieces and this new range is full of practical play – Hunt down the Limited Edition Mini Calculator Keychain from the range of six backpacks.

Moose toys have gone the practical route with this range by having these all centre around a back-to-school theme, the collectibles are all a selection of stationary goods. For about £8 you get to choose from pink, blue or purple. Or, if you want a little extra, moose toys are also offering a locker pack which includes a mini bag and an amazing shrunken school locker filled with more mini surprises!

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