The Savoy redefines (and rebuilds) The 12 Days of Christmas

If you go down to The Savoy today your in for a big surprise… 12 big surprises in fact! This year the world famous London Hotel has handed LEGO the reigns for their festive decor and the Billund-Based-Brick-Builders have pulled out all the stops. ‘The 12 Rebuilds of Christmas’ have warped the traditional holiday tune and now feature ‘A Dragon Shaped Christmas Tree’, ‘An Elephant Water-Spouting’ and many, many more.

The awe-inspiring models are on display at The Savoy until January 5th and everyone is welcome to come and visit! (just make sure you book ahead, totally free though) Some lucky winners can even stay a night in Santa’s own room that is decked with toys, treats and trinkets!

There is more to this than a spot of festive fun though. LEGO and The Savoy are also spear-heading their #Buildtogive campaign. All you have to do is make a christmassy decoration out of LEGO, snap a pic and upload it to Twitter with the above hashtag. LEGO will then donate 1 set for every photo uploaded to a child in need.  So, even though The Savoy and LEGO can seem quite expensive to us mere mortals, this Christmas is all about inclusiveness and sharing. This is something we at Toyology can get behind!


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