Tek Recon blends video game features with blasters

The new Tek Recon range is looking to bring the best parts of First Person Shooter video games to the world of blasters.

The guns feature a mount for an Apple or Android device, which once attached, provides players with some pretty sweet features – the best of which is a GPS radar for revealing teammates and opponents, Call of Duty style.

The addition of a smartphone also provides an ammo counter, different vision modes (including night vision), an array of in-game scopes for targeting enemies and a live chat feed.

However, the digital features are only half the fun of Tek Recon.

The blasters also feature a new ‘NRG’ projectile – made from solid rubber, the reusable bullets pack a punch and can fly up to 75 feet. There’s also a realistic kick-back action to add an extra bit of immersion.

tek reckon

This new toy line gets started with two blasters – the pistol Tek Recon Hammerhead and rifle Tek Recon Havok.

The meeting of toys and video games seems to be a big trend at the moment, with RC racing set Real FX promising to blend the best aspects of the two entertainment forms.

Tek Recon was launched on Kickstarter last summer.

Tek Recon video

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