Tech Too offers toddlers their own grown-up gadgets

A common complaint of many mums and dads is that kids can’t resist getting hold of their smartphones and tablets.

Although the expensive technology is well built, it is not immune to the scratches, dings and dribble which are  symptoms of a typical toddler play session. And who can blame the young-uns? Wanting to be like grown-ups has been a play pattern through the ages, as children strive for the button-pressing sophistication of their bigger counterparts.

Step in the Tech Too range, which aims to provide toddlers a welcome diversion from their parents’ gizmos.

There are imitation devices for four of the most common victims – the smartphone, tablet, car keys and telly remote control.

Perhaps the best part is that the prices are in line with other toys, rather than adult tech. And despite the low costs, the Tech Too Smooth Touch Smartphone (£9.99) and Alphabet Tablet (£14.99) still manage to incorporate interactive games in to keep kids occupied.

Will it be enough to stop Apple devices across the land from falling prey to toddler tinkering?

Just simply allowing kids a sense of ownership with of their own personal devices – rather than them having to pinch their parents – might mean the toys could do the trick.

Tech Too is made by experts in kids tech, KD UK – the same people who are bringing an actual fully featured childrens’ smartphone to market this year.

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