Tech infused old school play

Pressure Games have launched their Kickstarter campaign for, Countdown. Back it, we love it, its a tech infused toy that brings all the fun of “up and active” gaming into one circular box. There are a dozen games built-in, each one a retro inspired play using reflex, logic and movement puzzles to keep kids and families challenged. The games include Trigger Finger, Colour Wheel, Whack-a-Mole, Cut the Wire and get to the Countdown app and download the latest games and updates. For us there are two things that make this an absolute stand-out toy. Firstly it reimagines the classic game of hide-and-seek, Countdown lets you set a timer, hide the Countdown unit and let your friends go on the hunt. Once they find it they have to play a mini-game to stop the clock. Secondly, they used the word “Updatability” in their pitch (a word in our top ten words list, Haberdashery is No1 btw).

Get your order in now folks, this is the future of outdoor play and remember it has updatability.

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