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Tech for tots – Two reviews for toys to get your ankle biters into

Vtech tots tech
Vtech tots tech

Since Billy crash landed in to the world I’ve been made more and more aware of VTec. They are a toy company who specialise in electronic interactive learning toys for babies, toddlers and slightly older kids. Billys first VTech gift we were blessed with was from Grandma last Christmas. It’s a bear who sings, in your face, “I’m a friendly light up bear, I’ll teach you 1,2,3…….a sleepy, hungry, happy bear. Hey come and hug me” aaaaand REPEAT and REPEAT and REPEAT!!!

This little bear is a real treat to have in the house… so much so that I’ve hanged him…On the baby gate where Billy can play with him until his batteries run out. They haven’t yet. Billy does genuinely love him and will have a little boogie every time. You can hear the dulcet tones of ‘Little Singing Alfie” for yourself for £9.99.



Billy has another VTech toy called Rock and Pop Turtle – it pops 5 coloured balls whilst playing music and spinning around on its shell. It also occasionally gives you little turtle factoids. I find this thing incredibly addictive. There is something mesmerising about watching the balls pop in to the air, get caught and up they go again. If they fall out it’s Billy’s job to retrieve them and put them back in and so on and so forth. The genius about this cheeky turtle is that it plays itself, as long as the balls are popping away all I have to do occasionally fish out a ball from under the sofa. On top of that it has a loud and a far more important QUIET setting. Bless you VTech! Sparing a thought for the Toyfathers mental wellbeing and worth every penny of £29.99.

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Actor, director, presenter, maze master, teller of tales and proud father of Billy Beau. At the grand old age of 1 Billy has acquired a very "particular set of skills" to separate the wheat from the chaff when it come to tots toys and tech. This tiny human knows what he wants and he knows what he likes and with the help from me, The Toyfather, they will share their knowledge and expertise with you from the front line the playpen.

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