Tech Deck to sponsor GB Skateboard Championships

Spin Master along with its fingerboard brand, Tech Deck, will be one of the official sponsors for Skateboard GB’s National Championships 2021. It takes place on 11th April in Manchester, a one-day competition and the only British Olympic qualification event leading up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer. With restrictions limiting the number of skateboarders able to take part this year, Skateboard GB also have plans to host a Virtual National Championships during the summer, giving more skateboarders across the UK an opportunity to compete on a national level.

Tech Deck features a huge range of mini fingerboards that are designed to feel just like the real thing, but for your fingers. Each one with authentic and iconic graphics from the biggest skate companies in the world, including Blind, Santa Cruz, Plan B and Sk8mafia. In addition to the collectable mini boards, the Tech Deck range has bigger kit like the Build-A-Park World Tour ramp set which features everything needed for skateboarding fans to build their very own custom park inspired by real world skate spots.

Phil Hooper, Senior Commercial Director at Spin Master UK, said: “We’re very excited to have Tech Deck sponsor Skateboard GB’s National Championships. Tech Deck has a great range of expertly designed and authentic products that provide a fun and unique outlet for skateboarding fans, pros and amateurs alike.


“It’s brilliant to see skateboarding become part of the 2021 Olympics and for the sport to receive the proper recognition it deserves. This increased awareness for the sport will certainly provide the Tech Deck brand with lots of exciting opportunities and potential partnerships in the future.”


James Hope-Gill, CEO at Skateboard GB, said: ”We are thrilled to be able to host the National Championships this month after last year’s were cancelled due to Covid. This is a very exciting opportunity to provide the UK’s top skateboarders with the chance to gain essential qualification points ahead of the Tokyo Olympics this summer.”


“We’re lucky to have a great range of new sponsors this year, including Spin Master’s fingerboard brand Tech Deck which truly embodies artistry and skill of the sport whilst resonating with the younger generation and aspiring skateboarders.”

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