Tamagotchi enters the Metaverse, almost.

Bandai Namco is revamping one of the biggest fads of the 1990s and early 2000s with the Tamagotchi Uni. The new keychain electronic is available

Like the original tiny keychain toys, the Tamagotchi Uni contains a tiny digital monster you raise, starting as an egg and slowly growing into a full-grown adult Tamagotchi as you “feed” and care for it. it even features the same egg-like shape, tiny screen, and three-button design of the original toys.

However, the new Tamagotchi Uni will support online connectivity and Wi-Fi, linking up with other Tamagotchi players through the “Tamaverse.” This online service is described as the “Metaverse for Tamagotchi,” but appears to simply be a way to play online minigames and collect special items only available through this Tamaverse.

While you cannot send messages or directly interact with other Tamaverse users the Uni will still include parental controls to limit online features. Plus, your Tamagotchi can even get married and you get to raise a UniTama (even before you’re married).

Charli D’Amelio is global ambassador for this new iteration of the mildy irritating digital keyring friend. We think we’ll enjoy this one more than previous incarnations, the over-stretching of licensing was starting to become dull but this is a new direction, and, of course at an inflated price-tag of almost £70 Smyths Toys from 15th July

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