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Crayola brings us 40 skin tones with “Colours of the world” campaign

Since 1885 Crayola have been involved in the colour business, until 1900 it was al about industrial pigments and such and now, fast-forward to today, they’ve announced this impressive new line. The “Colours of the World” range features hues to represent over 40 global skin tones that “authentically reflect the …

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Jigsaws – enjoying a resurgence

Quite possibly the ideal antidote for lockdown languor, lots of folks we know are stocking up on 1,000 piece interlocking analogue entertainment systems. That’d pretty much be our upper limit piece wise and we’d likely go for an image that had distinct areas of colour so it didn’t mangle with …

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Accentuate arrives, time to try your regional ranting

The latest addition to the growing “badult” games sector is this accent based card game that has the potential to utterly humiliate you amongst friends or indeed show off your mimicking skills to the max. Played in teams of two or more you’ll pick a quotation card and read it …

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