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Kidult market set to soar in 2024

Recent data from those in the know and the fodder on offer at recent Toy Fair’s suggest that not only does the Kidult market have 25% of toy sales in the UK 9a little less on the continent) but that, with major manufacturers sitting up and paying attention it is …

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F.A. Cup – Round three kicks off today

After all the World Cup hype and plenty of football to watch free-to-air it is time to concentrate back on the world renowned F.A. Cup where (much in the guise of what Morocco achieved) there can be some upsets. There are 22 games today, Coventry are off to Hollywood Wrexham …

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Subbuteo set – The all female one is here

Subbuteo - The all female set

In 1953 we saw Mrs. Potato head bring gender equality to the spud based entertainment and now, in 2018, Hasbro has done the same for table top football. Toyology were honoured to be one of the few invited to Wembley Stadium last week to be shown the new, all female …

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Flick to win – Not a football in sight

  We’re not sure why the blue King fell out with the Red one but if they hadn’t their spat might never have been immortalised in this quite brilliant board game Cube Quest. Anyone hankering for a fix of the 80’s classic Crossbows and Catapults, rampaging against your opponents ramparts style play …

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