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Fancy bagging a bundle?

There has always been a row in our house, the word “bundle” apparently, on the South West of England was the word describing that very childish pursuit of kids laying on top of each other for no apparent reason, well, apart from to leave the person at the bottom of …

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Tightrope walking robot – not spendy and totally necessary

   The blurb on the box tells us that through eight experiments we can explore the astonishing powers of the motorised gyroscope and understand the physics behind its amazing behaviours and yada-yada-yada, experiments, science and explanations and so on….. This bot can, after some pretty straight forward putting together, …

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Capital gets the Top Trump treatment

  As the globes most iconic city, the official number one tourist destination in the Universe it is only right it should have a Top Trump set dedicated to its landmarks. Grab yourself a set of these new cards, think of it as a pocket tour guide and whip them …

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