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Get back on track with these Scalextric rides

    As a group Hornby lifted themselves into a profit last year for the first time in almost a decade. People buying up train sets and Airfix kits to keep themselves sane, Scalextric tracks being dusted down and inspiring people to buy new track to extend their current figure …

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The original (and the best) Back to the Future is 35 today

Couldn’t miss an opportunity to wish one of our favourite films a happy birthday, that 35 years has sped by so quick it’s like we had a Flux Capacitator suck up our backsides….Here’s a few items worth a share celebrating all things Marty and Doc:        

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Batman versus Joker Scalextric set – Play smart

Since their first meeting in 1940 the caped crusader and clown of crime have been sworn enemies, well of course they have, you ever seen Batman smile? This all new Scalextric Batman vs Joker set falls into the Spark Plug range and so has many tricks up its digital sleeve. …

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