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Puzzling price tag for World’s smallest Rubik Cube

Measuring in at a mere 9.9mm and weighting in at two grams, this ultra-precision plaything is made from aluminium aluminum toy, comes with its own pedestal and small enough to sit on a 1p coin – all this for 198,00 Yen, $1,900 or about £1,480.  “We sought to create an …

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Rubik’s Amazing Box of Tricks arrives

Here it is, without further ado, the long awaited and much anticipated Marvin’s Magic – Rubik’s Amazing Box of Magic Tricks.  This exclusive magic set celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic cube and  includes 40 superb tricks, less talk and more action me thinks, watch the video : Available …

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New twist on Erno’s mind-mangling cube

Rubik’s have produced the first official app to help teach us how to solve it.  This iOS app uses audio and visual clues real-life popular puzzle and help improve and record your solve times.  It’ll use your mobile camera together with artificial intelligence processing to track your real 3D Rubik’s …

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Rubik’s Edge – More than a drinks coaster

  We’ve tried over the lockdown months to get a grip on solving the 3x3x3 traditional cube but sorry to say, we gave up. We did achieve a proficient level in balloon modelling and juggling though! Anyways, with 43 quintillion ways to scramble the regular Rubik and this new edge …

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Rubik’s gets the magic touch

Marvin’s Magic is teaming up with the Rubik’s brand for a unique magic set, well it is the best-selling cube puzzles 40th anniversary this year. Rubik’s Box of Magic Tricks is presented in a giant cube and contains exclusive tricks and illusions. With unique Rubik’s-themed magic props and instructions for 40 …

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A trip down memory lane anyone?

Iconic toys

Good Vibes, a lifestyle magazine for Sunny, took a look back over the past four decades to have a look what some of the toys might be worth today. Looks like you’d have made a packet with a Stretch Armstrong for example but could you really have resisted the temptation …

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