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Fisher Price continues to up its Pop Culture game

The rise in popularity across the pop culture collectibles market has been incredible the past couple of years, sales at Funko up over 200%, they had to move into a bigger HQ so no surprise others are eyeing this lucrative space.Perhaps one of the surprise entrants earlier this year were …

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Katy Perry has a new pet

This new T-Rex from Brainstorm toys has digested 18 other dinosaurs and, by some magical technological wizardry can now beam images of them onto your wall (24 images in total, some posed for multiple shots before their demise). When T-Rex isn't illuminating your room with prehistoric pictures he (or she) will stand by your door and emit a ROAR when it detects movement, and that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls is the Katy Perry reference which you've been waiting for, yes, ROAR

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