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Splash, Blast, thank you Hasbro for the Super Soaker Dartfire

In an effort to offer maximum flexibility the NERF boffins have created this Super Soaker/ NERF hybrid – An excellent concept that promises the “Best of both worlds”. Well, that simply cannot be the case. Super Soakers are generally ok, NERF blasters range from OK to outstanding but we’re willing …

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Bye bye Virgin trains there’s a new operator incoming

Yup, over 20 years of (mostly) fine Virgin trains taking me and the family back up to the North West, not without it’s issues at times but largely (apart from their egg/cress sarnies) I’ve enjoyed travelling with them. Now we’ve the Avanti West Coast running the line, a joint venture …

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Monkey around this Chinese new year


A whopping one-fifth of the worlds population celebrate the festival of Chinese New Year and it’s estimated that about 4% of the world population are on the move. Celebrations last a couple of days and it’s all about getting id of bad luck from the past 12 months and getting …

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Moshi Monsters Movie

    Okay, sorry, FILM..A Moshi Monsters Film has just been confirmed, set to be released in the UK and Ireland on the 20th December. Fans of the multi-coloured monsters should be delighted, now you can take all your Moshi merchandise you’ve gathered along to a film with all your Moshi …

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