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Moose adds more magic

It was indeed Moose toys that rebooted the unboxing movement which started a few years back with Hatchimals, which has, in many ways lost its magic. These folk brought us the crystal ball then the cauldron into which you poured your magic potion and the magic would happen (creatures appeared …

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Ice Cream Van sets new Ice Cream Van World record

The man Edd China is likely best known for those who watch too much Discovery in the mid-morning. He was the mechanic on Wheeler Dealers with Mike Brewer and basically did all the graft on updating the busted cars brought into his garage by co-presenter (and slacker) Brewer. Anyways, since …

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Get your GIFS IRL.

One of the most anticipated releases of 2020 now has a date, 13th July is that date and we’re calling it #internationalgifday. Last seen at London toy fair this new range from Moose Toys Oh! My GIF celebrates the world of Gifferry/Giffing with 50 GIFbit characters Representing an array of …

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