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ATARI founder launches new game: Star Audition

Nolan Bushnell, yes the legend, invites you to get involved in the First Act-it-out Party Game enhanced By Amazon Alexa And Google Home –  Virsix Games are turning game creation on its head, crowdsourcing content for STAR AUDITION – Created by Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese), …

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Rory’s cubes take on Kickstarter – the story telling dice play is almost past the post

Since 2008 we’ve been fans of the storytelling cubes, enjoyed watching small minds explore storytelling with the aid of these superb sets. More recently The Creativity Hub moved into licensing, Moomins, Batman and Dr Who amongst some fine cube sets to set minds on weird and wonderful tale telling adventures. …

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Toxic selection of dark and deadly scenarios anyone?

Good, then we’ll begin. Imagine, if you will, you’re doing 100mph when the steering wheel comes off in your hands…or wonder how you’ll get away from a baying bunch of militant vegans whilst wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress or perhaps you’ve woken up to find yourself the backend of a human centipede…

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Water wars – Up the ante

Right on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign rising almost a million $ to take water fights to the next level Bunch O Balloons has teamed up with toy outfit ZURU so they can distribute the device globally and ensure that one nation does not retain superpower status when …

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You’ve got Toymail

Keeping in touch with the kids as you work those 16 hour/ 7 day a week shift patterns as you try and get your new business off the ground, or are somehow unfortunate enough to be working for some company whose ethics are based on Victorian values, can be tricky. They might, after a short time forget your voice, perhaps not let you in your own home when you’ve forgotten your keys, refer to you always in third person tense - What is to be done?

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Rubber Band Machine Gun hits the target on Kickstarter

rubber band machine gun

Everybody has pinged a few elastic bands in their time – it’s a classic aspect of both school days and office life. Whether it’s at the snot-bubbled kid at school, or for just casual target practice, the action of launching a rubber band is often met with the words “you …

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