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Hasbro and Mattel unveil their Comic-Con lines

Both the toy makers have a history of keeping some of their very best launches for Comic-Con gatherings and, despite each not having a booth presence this year they’re each still making plenty noise around the now virtual gathering. FRom Hasbro a line-up that’ll go live on their PULSE website …

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Argos Avengers data backs a standalone Hulk adventure

Leading UK toy retailer Argos have assessed the merchandise sales of characters in the popular Marvel franchise and discovered that arch-villain Thanos is more popular than Iron Man and Captain America. The most popular Avenger in the UK is Hulk, with over 115,000 Argos customers have searched for Hulk goodies …

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Avengers Endgame selection box from Hasbro is strong

We saw the postie struggling up the path so did what anyone would, enjoyed the spectacle of him navigating the gate and two-steps to the front door.  Hasbro gifted us this array of #freeproduct and for that we’re sending them virtual flowers. As the biggest grossing movie for its opening …

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