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Send your Hot Wheels rides into a right spin

You may well wonder why we choses the Hot Wheels track builder unlimited triple loop kit to headline todays Toyology offering, but, go re-read the name of this marvellous plaything. Exactly. All that title for a toy that’s in medium present price land at £25 from Argos. There are three …

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Hot Wheels sketches of cars arriving in 2021

Unveiled at last weeks San Diego Comic Con these are a few of the sketches from the 20+ shown-off to Hot Wheels fans last week.. The HeMan and Skeletor ride look pretty impressive, you can keep the Baby Yoda though.

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Bullish news from Barbie and Co

A 60 year old doll brand the Hot Wheels franchise gave Mattel some better than expected earnings announced earlier – revenue fell less than some feared over Xmas and with some tough cost cutting efforts underway the toy makers overall earnings were pretty upbeat and saw the stocks climb up …

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Toyologist’s Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2018

The time has come! Here are my top 10 toys for this Christmas! (in no particular order, of course) Boxer- Spinmaster This rambunctious robo has wowed reviewers around the world with his endearing personality and impressive array of features. If you’re in the market for an AI buddy, Boxer is …

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Top toys for Christmas 2017 – In cinematic format

Toyology TV

We’ve seen, over the course of the past few months, top toy lists aplenty. Instead of having a moan about the contents of these lists or indeed congratulating certain elements within them the Toyology team decided to bunker down and debate creating our own TopToys for Christmas list. And so, …

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Hot Wheels takes to the slot based tracks

Hot Wheels takes to the slot based tracks Allowing gravity to do its bidding with your Hot Wheels cars is fun,whether that be across a flat expanse aided along with some of your own muscle power, down an incline of your own finding or on one of the many track …

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