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Hasbro Aims For Monopoly – Irony Not Lost On Reporter

My my my, Hasbro has been a little busy recently. 3 articles in just as many days, people will start to think we have a crush on them. Even if that is true, it’s not our fault that the Behemoth,  Hasbro has gone and made headlines again! This time by …

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Hasbro captures another 80’s icon

Does bustin’ make you feel good? Because it certainly does for Hasbro. The toy giant has just announced that, from 2020, they will hold the master licence for the 80’s classic, Ghostbusters. Hasbro isn’t exactly new to owning retro properties what with Transformers, My Little Pony and Power Rangers already …

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Hasbro taking positive planet steps

Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) announced that, starting 2020, it is to begin phasing out plastic from new product packaging, including plastic bits such as polybags, shrink wrap, window sheets elastic bands, sand blister packs. The ambition is to get rid of all plastic in packaging for new products by the end …

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Morphinominal Package from Hasbro!

Well, we at Toyology are a bunch of lucky boys and girls! Hasbro sent us an awesome box full of Power Ranger goodies! While we will take an in-depth look at all the Beast Morpher goodness in a later review, for now let’s just revel in the glory of this …

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Lightning strikes twice with Hasbro’s Power Rangers Wave 2!

One of the biggest news stories of last year was the transfer of Power Rangers from their birth-home of Bandai to Hasbro, epicentre of behemoth brands such as Transfomers. Fans like myself waited with baited breath to see what this change would conjure and we were blown away by the …

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Avengers Endgame selection box from Hasbro is strong

We saw the postie struggling up the path so did what anyone would, enjoyed the spectacle of him navigating the gate and two-steps to the front door.  Hasbro gifted us this array of #freeproduct and for that we’re sending them virtual flowers. As the biggest grossing movie for its opening …

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Viva Las Vegas – CES invites TechUp to take part.

We’re excited to shout out about our involvement in a new movement called TechUp. After an initial outing at Wired Live back in November we’ve been hunted down to take our expertise to the biggest tech show in the universe. Kicking off the new year in style, along with over …

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Botbots Launched at Comic Con

London Comic Con ended with a bang yesterday as Hasbro announced their brand new Transformers line, Botbots! These pint-sized mechanoids are the latest in the ‘Blind Bag’ trend and as such have an impressive roster to be collected. 61 is the current count, which will be leaping up to 191 …

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Compound Interest

Soft n Slow Squishies

Toy outfits aplenty tapping into the #asmr trend, thats compounds people, or #gts as we’re labelling it – Check out the Toyminator putting our favourites to the tes…  

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NERF Rival Nemesis – What a blast(er)

Nerf Nemesis in action

We’ve been fans of the Rival range since early inception, we’ve found that even re-loading the spheres into the barrels isn’t too much of a chore. The new Nemesis couldn’t make it more straightforward, open up the hopper chamber and pour your projectiles in, close door, rumble is ready. The …

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