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Prisoner cell block escape

Omescape – The Penitentiary https://omescapelondon.co.uk/escape-rooms/the-penitentiary/ They say you should never judge a book by its cover, which is handy for Omescape because if you did it would be closed by now. Located in North London, they have gone for an interesting vibe – instead of welcoming and friendly it looks …

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Exit: The Game; A plethora of at home ‘escape’ options.

Have you ever wanted to do an escape room, but you don’t want to a) go outside or b) pay a lot of money for a stranger to lock you in a room? Then you’re in luck! Because you can sort-of get the escape room experience in the comfort of …

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Dialling your escape up to 007

AIM Escape – Spy Heroes – https://aimescape.com/ AIM Escape are a multi-room venue in East London who claim to have ‘Unparalleled immersion’ and ‘The most technologically advanced escape room in the UK’ – which, given I have done some pretty tech heavy rooms and on more than one occasion saved the …

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Everything you could Luft-want from an escape room

Escape Plan – Battle of Britain – London Escape Room – Escape Plan Escape Plan are spread across two London venues and all their rooms are WW2 themed. An unusual trait for escape venues, who normally utilise a variety of themes to attract the widest audience they can. However the …

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