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ROARsome fun with your own pet Velociraptor

We’ve had some laughs with this Real FX Baby Blue these past few months, it is more lifelike than you’d perhaps believe when you’re up close, a definite head-turner with all ages. Place your arm inside and it’t offers the illusion you’ve the dino cradled in-hand, then squeeze the hidden …

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T-Rex toilet scene set anyone?

Of course you do, Mattel know it too, this infamous scene from the first Jurassic adventure features the uptight lawyer Gennaro – Grab yours HERE, it went on release just now. In full, the scene, from the folks at Jurassic Park Wiki : “Gennaro starts reciting the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer …

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London Toy Fair – The lowdown

Toy Fair 2019

  And so the 66th Toy Fair concluded yesterday, three solid days of championing all that is new in the world of play for 2019 – shelves look set to be stocked with some rather splendid stuff. A quick look back to 2018, best described as “challenging” due to Toys …

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Katy Perry has a new pet

This new T-Rex from Brainstorm toys has digested 18 other dinosaurs and, by some magical technological wizardry can now beam images of them onto your wall (24 images in total, some posed for multiple shots before their demise). When T-Rex isn't illuminating your room with prehistoric pictures he (or she) will stand by your door and emit a ROAR when it detects movement, and that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls is the Katy Perry reference which you've been waiting for, yes, ROAR

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