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Inspired by the Dark Side – New LEGO sets about to land

Here we are kidults, a trio of new LEGO Star Wars construction sets, two iconic additions to the LEGO Star Wars helmet collection first revealed last year – a bust inspired by Darth Vader and one in the likeness of a loyal Scout Trooper as well as a new model honouring …

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Leaked LEGO set has fans in a (Be)Spin

Toys R Us apparently leaked the imagery online accidentally of this new LEGO BespinDuel set, the Canadian division of the once defunct now risen from the ashes outfit, have certainly garnered plenty of free advertising from this “leak”. We thank them however sarcastic we may sound, this looks like a …

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Feeling spendy? These new LEGO art sets are quite brilliant.

These LEGO sets have just been announced and they do really look rather good. Offering up another strand in the adult portfolio for LEGO they use blank canvases (aka base plates) for you to create your own works of art. Each LEGO Art set comes with a bespoke soundtrack that’ll …

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Use some Force

    You Star Wars fans are a lucky lot, is there no licencing stone that’s not been unturned? Aftyer spending your hard-earned on eeverything from undercrackers and Pjamas to LEGO sets and talking soft toys now you’ll have to find some more cash for the very compelling Origami book. …

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Ride-on/in Artoo

  Hankering after ones youth is a useless pursuit, yet one hard not to participate in when something like this comes along. The realese of Star Wars in 1977 was accompanied by some school class compadres buying steel bins and sticking a few stickers on them for an R2D2 effect, …

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