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Chess has never been more interesting

    Well, another week and another slinging about of accusations by the leading lights in the game of chess. You could be forgiven for being cynical and thinking that they were both lobbying on behalf of the chess federation to get the game in the news, just saying. Anyways, …

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Classic board games get the digital treatment

Inside this touchscreen piece of tech are over 40 classic boardgames inside a water-resistant coffee-table-esque exterior that’ll take centre stage in your front room. Play with the kids, play with your mates, let the kids get their mates around and marvel at how much space you’ve saved not having all …

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Quintessential countdown of toys from the past five decades anyone?

The man in the hat presents the must-have toys and big crazes from the 1970s to the modern day, from action figures and board games to electronic pets and cuddly best friends. I am sorry that I’m not the leading man but I had a hair appointment that day so …

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