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Hot Wheels gets into the NFT garage

From November 16 Hot Wheels NFT Garage as it gears up to release 40 new NFT Hot Wheels designs. First time around they dipped into the NFT market with just three models which sold for between £4,000 and £12,000 (Boneshaker, Deora II and Twinmill) with pretty low bidder numbers, less than …

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Ultimate Hot Wheels

IWC Schaffhausen and Hot Wheels celebrated the return to Goodwood of the members meeting and unveiled this highly collectible and not-very-affordable “IWC x Hot Wheels Racing Works” collector’s set. It is limited to just 50 pieces and we’re certain that those in the elite set wanting either watch or die-cast …

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Ice Cream Van sets new Ice Cream Van World record

The man Edd China is likely best known for those who watch too much Discovery in the mid-morning. He was the mechanic on Wheeler Dealers with Mike Brewer and basically did all the graft on updating the busted cars brought into his garage by co-presenter (and slacker) Brewer. Anyways, since …

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Rip-racing explosive four-wheel fun anyone?

    Right, our Boom City Racer cars have arrived and, before we turn the Out of Office on let us give you the lowdown. Falling into the category of “rippers” this genre of toy has been around since the 70’s, a threaded piece of plastic inserted into the chassis …

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The original (and the best) Back to the Future is 35 today

Couldn’t miss an opportunity to wish one of our favourite films a happy birthday, that 35 years has sped by so quick it’s like we had a Flux Capacitator suck up our backsides….Here’s a few items worth a share celebrating all things Marty and Doc:        

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Car showrooms in lockdown no longer

YASS – Car showrooms are open once more, how many weeks have I hankered after a new motor during this crisis, well, none. In the spirit though of getting the economy back on its feet I’m guessing, and I have not ploughed through eery vocation, that this might be one …

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Best-selling UK car? Fiat? Fiesta? think again….

Designed by an ex Chrysler car-parts designer the Cozy Coupe was the car that broke all the rules on design back in 1979 namely that they should be low and long. Celebrating being 40 years young in 2019 this Northampton car dealership took delivery last week of the UK’s best-selling …

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Supercar Customiser pimps up a Little Tikes ride

Little Tikes Sports Racer

Owner of Yiannimize, star of Dave’s Yianni Supercar Customiser, car pimper for Harry Styles, Anthony Joshua and Gordon Ramsay has been working on a ride at the more affordable end for mortals. Yes his usual trade are the likes of a McLaren 720, Lamborghini Aventador and those Italian red ones …

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Electric Dream – A Toned down Tesla for kids


A collaboration between Radio Flyer and Tesla has resulted in the creation of what could be thew finest electric car for kids we’ve ever seen. The Model S for Kids is a battery powered ride-on equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience. Choose your paint-job, performance, accessories …

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