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Barca’s bowl in Bricks – Nou Camp gets the LEGO treatment

Launching today is the LEGO Camp Nou – FC Barcelona set (10284), build your display piece of the 99,354 capacity crowd pleaser in 5,509 pieces. The surrounding stands can be split into four sections allowing an expanded view and to enjoy the superb detail in this set. Additional features include …

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LEGO makes some noise

We’re aware of the serenity that constructing a set or random structure from LEGO can bring, also acutely conscious of the cussing we do when a missing piece finds itself under our foot. The LEGO Group have your back and have launched LEGO White Noise  – It’s a new playlist of …

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Itsa Super Mario powered delivery system fresh from Argos

  Argos have teamed up with Diversity’s Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely to unveil the first ever LEGO Super Brick delivery van, created to deliver the new LEGO Super Mario sets. Argos have done some research and found almost half of us Brits are doing most of our non-grocery shopping …

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LEGO announce sizeable sustainability plans

It’s a tad longer dialogue than we usually have here but it’s full of commitments from the Danish brick builder and we don’t want you to miss a single one. They’re leading the way in toys/play and most likely investing more than many other businesses… The LEGO Group today announced …

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LEGO to unleash first sustainable bricks this year

Credit : LEGO

Back in 2015 the Danish outfit committed over $150mn to research aiming to ensure that all LEGO products were created from fully sustainable sources by 2030. Well, they’ve announced a significant step towards that today announcing their bushes, leaves and trees are going green in 2018, created with plastic sourced from …

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